Asics Gel Resolution 9 Review – One of the Best?

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Five of the current Top 50 ATP players are wearing the new Asics Gel Resolution 9. This line has been top of the line for years now, having the 8th model as one of the best and most comfortable shoes to play tennis.

Now the new Gel Resolution offers improved technology according to Asics. Let’s find it out what these shoes provide in terms of comfort, stability, and durability.

Asics Gel Resolution 9 rear view

Gel Resolution 9 Presentation

The innovative design features a flexible upper, complemented by an extended Dynawall stability piece at the heel, delivering a harmonious blend of stability and dynamism.

The midsole, equipped with FlyteFoam and GEL cushioning, ensures each step is infused with energy and comfort during extended hours on the court.

The outsole, crafted with Asics High Abrasion Rubber, boasts a separated design for enhanced stability during landings, empowering aggressive movers with confidence.

The new iteration is looking to be one of the best tennis shoes this year.


Asics Gel Resolution 9 upper

The upper construction, comprised entirely of urethane, displays a notable improvement in texture compared to its predecessors.

However, initial on-court experiences may involve a brief adjustment period to achieve optimal lacing tightness.

Asics Gel Resolution 9 laces

A noteworthy feature of the Gel Resolution 9 is the layered structure beneath the urethane upper, incorporating a tightly woven mesh with hexagonal patterns extending into the tongue.

This design contributes to remarkable wear resistance, particularly beneficial for individuals prone to extreme toe dragging or medial side abrasion.


Asics Gel Resolution 9 midsole

The midsole construction showcases a full-length bed of Asics’ proprietary FlyteFoam, complemented by gel inserts beneath the ball of the foot and heel.

The combination of internal and external heel counters, along with the DynaWall, provides robust arch support.

This structural design, absent of an internal shank, offers both ample foam cushioning and reliable support during rigorous court movements.


The outsole presents a unique combination of aggressive pivot points and a modified razor pattern, contributing to efficient lateral movements.


Traction performance exceeded expectations, striking a balance between grip and controlled sliding for advanced players.

The shoe’s weight, while affecting its speed ratio, is mitigated by FlyteFoam’s capacity to enhance launch and improve energy return and speed.


  • PGUARD™ technology: Enhances durability in the outsole’s toe and heel areas.
  • DYNAWRAP™ technology: Improves stability.
  • DYNAFIT™ upper: Enhances flexibility.
  • AHARPLUS™ outsole rubber: Improves durability.
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL™ technology: Enhances impact absorption, creating a softer feel at footstrike.
  • DYNAWALL™ technology: Improves stability.

What I Liked About This Shoe

up view Asics Gel Resolution 9

Comfortable Fit: The Gel Resolution 9 is more forgiving in width than its predecessors, making it suitable for various foot types. Players with high arches might need some break in time to enjoy the comfort.

Supportive: Great ankle support and stability, crucial for sports like tennis and pickleball.

Solid and durable: I appreciate the durability and sturdiness of the shoes, comparing them to robust skater shoes.

Looked foot: I’ve noticed that your foot is locked down nicely and the shoe prevents undesired lateral movements or torsions from occurring.

Durability: The Ahar rubber outsole contributes to long-lasting performance.

Look and color choice: fun and vibrant color options, add a stylish element to the shoes.

What I disliked

Weight: The shoes feel a bit heavy, which may be a consideration for those who prefer lighter tennis shoes.

Low-Rise Design: The low-rise design might be a drawback for those who prefer mid-rise shoes. However, people with foot issues like plantar fasciitis would definitely enjoy the comfort of this low-to-the-ground model.

How Does it Compare to the Gel Resolution 8?

Gel resolution 8 vs 9
FeatureGel Resolution 8Gel Resolution 9
DesignSimilarMore dynamic, running shoe-like
SoleDifferent pattern, two-pieceContinuous sole
UpperNew checkerboard-style meshSofter feel, slightly padded
HeelChunkier, solid plasticThicker, harder plastic counter
DynawallExtends into the heelSignificant extension, firmer
Lacing Setupclassicslightly different
OutsoleTwo-piece sole designContinuous sole
Heel CounterSlightly thinnerThicker, harder plastic counter
Heel TabLowerHigher

Who should buy the Gel Resolution 9?

The Gel Resolution 9 is recommended for tennis players who prioritize durability, support, and versatile performance on the court.

Specifically, the following individuals may find the Gel Resolution 9 well-suited to their needs:

  • Aggressive baseliners
  • Intermediate to Advanced Players looking for comfort and support
  • Players who want a durable pair
  • Players who suffer from foot pain like plantar fasciitis or shin splints.

Who should NOT buy the Gel Resolution 9?

Hard to point out something that makes this shoe not ideal for a certain type of player.

Maybe tennis players who like lightweight shoes might not like this one. Or eventually, players who like an elevated heel or ankle guard.

Final Verdict

The GEL-Resolution 9 offers unparalleled stability, precise control over lateral movements, and a perfect fit. It is comfortable and durable and it gives you good traction and a sublime feeling on the court.

If you want to check the price and eventually buy this shoe, click on this button. We’ll earn a small commission if you buy it through this link 🙂

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