Yoshihito Nishioka Tennis Shoes – What Does He Wear?

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Yoshihito is a gifted Japanese tennis player, who despite being short, produces a high level on the court. He can certainly hurt his opponents with his piercing and deep strokes from all the positions on the court.

Nishioka is also one of the quickest players on the Tour and possesses superb footwork.

Yoshihito Nishioka tennis shoes are the Yonex Fusion Rev 4 shoes.

Yonex Fusion Rev 4

Nishioka Shoe Specs

One of the catchiest features of the Fusion Rev 4 is its low weight. It is very light and fits like a sock wrapping the entire foot with sturdy but soft materials made from lots of PU and a double-layer mesh.

The eyelets are asymmetrical to prevent the accumulation of stress on the upper foot and keep comfort to the maximum.

Power Cushion+ and Feather Bounce foam are implemented in the midsole for good support and energy return.

In addition, a Power Graphite Drive sheet is located in the midsole to provide extra stability without increasing the weight like the standard shanks.

The outsole is a one-piece Endurance rubber that is durable. The tread pattern is interesting because you get a blend of dense treads in the inside part and deep big arrowed treads in the outside part of the foot to get maximum drag if you want to.

Yonex Fusion Rev 4 outsole

Therefore, the Fusion Rev 4 tennis shoe is an all-court option to control your slides efficiently while maintaining balance and comfort. It fits nicely like a glove and provides performance and cushioning.  

Can You Buy Nishioka Shoes?

While the Power Cushion Eclipsion line offers heavier and classic tennis shoes, the Yonex Fusion Rev 4 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a lightweight slipper tongue that is comfortable, performant, and durable.

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