Why Do Tennis Players Wear Wristbands?

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It’s like a trademark for being a tennis player. Wearing a wristband is almost prevalent for all tennis players except a very few.

There must be a good reason for that especially if you’re a tennis beginner or simply a curious guy looking for answers on the internet.

Most tennis players wear wristbands to wipe sweat from the face especially the front and the eyes, which is comforting and helps the players focus better.

But are there any other reasons?

These are the main reasons why tennis players wear wristbands.


Wiping Sweat

Tennis is a demanding sport in terms of physical effort. After a few minutes, you start sweating.

Wearing a wristband helps you absorb sweat from your hands and wipe it from your front.

This offers a good grip and also a dry face right before playing the point, which comes in handy and comfortable.

Compressing the Wrist to Prevent Injury

Tennis players often make quick, sudden movements with their wrists and hands, which can make them prone to injuries.

When a tennis player suffers from wrist pain, one of the actions to take is to use a bandage to compress the sore joints and muscles of the wrist.

A wristband can either cover the bandage or provide a little compression to alleviate the discomfort.

It Looks Good

Another reason is that it simply looks good to wear wristbands during a tennis match. Pros in general wear them on one or both hands along with a headband sometimes.

It is aesthetic and also serves marketing purposes when a player has a sponsorship deal with a brand.

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