Can You Use Tennis Shoes for Walking? (Answered)

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Tennis shoes are widely called for all types of athletic shoes. In this article, we mean by tennis shoes, those specifically designed to play the game of tennis.

To play tennis, you need special footwear, but can you use tennis shoes for walking?

Tennis shoes can be used for casual walking or trailing, but it isn’t recommended unless they are old enough or used occasionally.

Should You Use Tennis Shoes for Walking?

Why would you do that? It is recommended not to use tennis shoes for everyday walking, hiking, or trailing, and there are several reasons why this might be a bad idea.

You make them less durable

Walking is not only a long-time everyday activity, but it also puts lots of pressure on the soles, which are important in tennis. By using your tennis shoes for walking or worse for trailing, you risk wearing out the outsole and losing the tread pattern underneath the shoes that are important for providing traction and good grip on a tennis court.

While tennis shoes have an expected lifetime of 6 months, wearing them for casual walking or trailing can shorten this period.

They are heavier for simple walking

Tennis shoes are heavy. They can easily weigh more than 14 ounces for men and more than 11 ounces for women for a normal size.

The reason why they are heavy is big padding and cushioning in order to provide support and stability because tennis movements are multidirectional and abrupt with quick variations of pace.

Wearing heavy shoes for normal walking or casual activities makes it difficult or even painful in the long run.

Walking needs regular shoes with thinner soles and lightweight materials.

They are expensive

Tennis shoes are noticeably expensive. While walking shoes price can start as low as $25 or $30, the most affordable tennis shoes start at $60 and they usually cost around $120.

They may look odd on your feet

Tennis shoes often have special shapes and colors. You can quickly identify one by its design, or if you flip it upside down to see the sole pattern.

If you happen to have a walk in the town or in a park, neutral or simplistic designs might suit you better than a flashier pair with thick cushioning, big padded soles, and unusual colors.

Use Tennis Shoes for Walking in These 2 Conditions

Maybe you are on a budget, and you want to buy shoes that work for both playing tennis and everyday walking. Or maybe you don’t like switching a lot between shoes and you prefer versatility.

You can do it in these conditions.

1)    If you play tennis occasionally

For recreational players who don’t play tennis too often, durable and lightweight tennis shoes can be used for casual walking and even hiking.

Trailing on the other hand may quickly wear out the outsole of the shoes and make them less durable.

Aim for tennis shoes that combine durability, lightweight, and a stylish look. These are our picks for tennis shoes that can be used for walking:

For Men

For Women

2)    When your tennis shoes are old and the soles worn out

A typical tennis shoe lasts 4 to 6 months. After that, the outsole is worn out and it can no longer perform 100% on a tennis court.

If the shoe is not broken or damaged, you can turn it into a walking shoe. But remember that tennis shoes are usually heavy so they can cause long strain on your feet if you use them for hours every day.

Lightweight shoes will do fine.

Important Things to Look for in a Tennis Shoe

Is there any difference between walking shoes and tennis shoes? Yes, they are completely different in many aspects.

Tennis shoes are specifically designed for tennis movements on the court, which are abrupt, quick, and multidirectional with lots of rebounds, quick changes of direction, and sliding.

They require having:

  • thick supportive insoles for shock absorption
  • stiff materials around the heels and toes for support and protection
  • flexible and breathable upper for ventilation
  • durable outsole with tread pattern for good traction and adequate sliding
  • padded materials around the ankle for comfort

What Is Important in a Walking Shoe?

Walking shoes can be anything casual from classy leather boots to athletic sneakers. There is no specific requirement as long as the shoes fit your feet well and are comfortable on the walk.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for specific requirements for the best performance and convenience when walking, here are some:

  • Best fit: They need to be of perfect fit with your socks on and after the break-in period.
  • Design: When choosing a walking shoe, you pay bigger attention to the brand, the shape, the materials and the colors, unlike tennis shoes when performance is king.
  • Comfort: They need to be comfortable depending of the type of walking. There are specific shoes for casual walking, hiking or trailing. Choose comfortable
  • Adequate arch-type and width: Flat feet or high arch, wide or narrow feet, the shoes must be comfortable on the long run. Otherwise, it can lead to serious foot pain.

Final Words

It happens for a reason that professionals and even average club tennis players use specific shoes on the court and then switch to casual footwear outside.

Tennis shoes have a short lifetime of 4 to 6 months and quickly wear out due to excessive sliding and stopping.

You must take care of them and only use them for playing tennis, especially when you consider how expensive they are.

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