How Much Do Tennis Clubs Charge? [Not Expensive]

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I have been playing tennis for a long time and I can say that tennis clubs do charge some money.

Renting a court is not only expensive in the long run, but also a repetitive action, each time you want to practice. This becomes a boring task, which often leads to irregular training.

On the other hand, you can still play on a free public court, but if you want to take it to the next level by having access to well-maintained facilities, you will consider joining a club. In general, You will find experienced coaches and benefit from additional services like rental ball machines, balls, food, activities, events, conferences, and so on. Therefore, we can say that paying for a tennis club membership is worth aside from the cost.

So, they say you pay for good things. Then how much does a tennis club membership cost?

We have researched 50+ tennis clubs in the US and found out that they charge on average for a single individual $1000 for the initial fee and $161 in monthly dues. In some clubs, they require you to pay extra money for services like court rental or food and beverage.

Results of the study

The study we conducted showed interesting results about the fees US tennis clubs charge. In general, you will find different prices depending on whether you are an individual or a whole family. Sometimes clubs charge a different fee for couples.

The membership format differs from a club to another. Some instructions set an initial fee, which is the one-in-a-lifetime cost that you pay as a first-time member, as well as recurring monthly dues in a renewable 12-month contract. On the other hand, other institutions higher up their monthly fees and get rid of the initial fee.

The initiation fee of tennis clubs

For an individual initial fee, this is the distribution of clubs depending on the price range.

Individual Initiation feePercentage of clubs
> $1000010.8%
tennis clubs individual initiation fee

For the family initial fee, this is the percentage of clubs depending on the price range.

Family Initiation feePercentage of clubs
> $1000010.8%
tennis clubs family initiation fee

In conclusion, we found that the majority of US tennis clubs charge between $1000 and $5000 for initial membership.

The monthly dues of tennis clubs

This is the percentage of tennis clubs depending on the individual monthly dues price range.

Individual monthly feePercentage of clubs
$0-$99 per month24.3%
$100-$199 per month32.4%
$200-$499 per month40.5%
> $500 per month2.7%
tennis clubs individual monthly fees

And this is the percentage of tennis clubs depending on the family monthly fees price range.

Individual monthly feePercentage of clubs
$0-$99 per month16.2%
$100-$199 per month32.4%
$200-$499 per month45.9%
> $500 per month5.4%
tennis clubs family monthly fees

To sum it up, nearly half of the clubs charge a monthly fee between $200 and $500 for an individual or family members.

Is Joining a Tennis Club Necessary to Enjoy Tennis?

A tennis club is a great place to enjoy the game with different people. You will find a mix of beginners and advanced players to socialize with. Is it necessary? Well, it depends mainly on these factors:

Your level

Your level in tennis determines whether it is mandatory to pay a club membership or not. We assume that you have all the money in the world.

Newbie: As a complete beginner, I think you need to join a tennis club. Not only it will help you socialize with better players than you, but you’ll learn from them as well and you will progress with coaches faster than playing by yourself.

Amateur: You are not required to have amembership in a club. You can enjoy tennis anywhere on public, rental, or residential courts and you won’t have to pay a substantial amount of money, since you know all the aspects of the game. You are here to enjoy your time and relieve stress. Nevertheless, a club membership is always better if you have the resources.

Professional: A professional player needs a well-equipped facility to play. He will generally train at big academies or national training centers and will work with coaches, fitness trainers, and sports psychologists. Therefore, being a part of a club or academy is mandatory for pros and they pay expensive fees for that.

World-class: A world-class is someone like Rafa Nadal or Serena Williams. These players have their own academies for training.

Your goal

Playing in a tennis club allows you to gain access to mixers and tournaments. An advanced player will find tons of opportunities to compete on a high level.

Some clubs even have their own players ranking, which becomes a good motivator to compete often and try to horn your skills and advance further in the sport.

Where Can I Find a Good Tennis Club?

It is not hard to find good tennis clubs nearby. A simple google search or Maps search will reveal clubs near you with ratings and reviews. This is the best way to find one.

Another method is to reach special websites listing clubs based on their location and their fees. You can use these below:

Finding a good tennis academy depends on some factors:

Your location: There are good and bad clubs to improve your game. The better ones have all the facilities you need and offer great coaching opportunities. In some regions, you will not find a tennis club at all or a few average ones. In most cases, you will find many in big cities.

Your budget: We are not born equal. Everyone has his own financial resources. We suggest you pick a club with reasonable fees. You can go from a few bucks a month to thousands of dollars in monthly fees simply by moving to a big city and a rich neighborhood. Take your time to find an adequate club for your situation.

The number of courts: It is an underlooked but important factor to consider. You do not want to join a club with very few courts. It will always be crowded especially after work or school and the weekends.

The surface: If you have a preference for the surface, search for an academy that offers the type of surface you feel comfortable with.

To Wrap it Up

By doing this research, we were amazed to find out that tennis clubs in the US are not that expensive after all. The average American citizen can still pay a club membership and enjoy the game with a few thousand dollars a year, including tennis coaching.

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