Taylor Fritz Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Taylor Fritz is an American professional tennis player. He made a great achievement in 2022 by winning his maiden Masters 1000 title after beating Rafael Nadal in the final. Congratulations to him.

This win along with John Isner’s Miami title are the only major accomplishments made by American male tennis players in the last few years.

Perhaps this is a good sign that American men’s tennis is about to shine once again with rising talents like Reilly Opelka or Sebastian Korda.

Taylor is still young at 24 years and has a big margin for improvement. I don’t think he is done just yet. He has just started and soon enough he will break through the Top 10 in rankings.

Taylor Fritz plays with the Head Youtek IG Radical MP racquet, painted to look like the retail Head Radical MP, for sponsoring purposes.

He strings his racquet with:

  • Babolat Touch VS Natural gut 16/1.30 in the mains
  • Head Hawk 17/1.25 in the crosses

Taylor Fritz’s Racquet Specs

The Head IG Radical MP is a control-oriented racquet destined for aggressive baseliners. It offers a decent amount of power with effortless swings but with superb control and proper accuracy thanks to the 18×20 strings pattern.

 Head Youtek IG Radical MP

The racquet is also great when it comes to reflexes on the net or quick swings to counter big groundstrokes. The Swingweight is relatively low with 320, and the racquet is not stiff providing comfort and a good feel for the shots.

The only clear downside is the relatively lower power because of the combination of factors like low weight, low Swingweight, and low stiffness.

However, for a pro like Taylor who already has a fast swing, it shouldn’t be a problem.

These are the specs of the Head Youtek IG Radical MP used by Fritz:

Head size98 in² / 632.26 cm²
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.4oz / 295g
Strung weight11.1oz / 315g
String Tension48-57 lbs
Balance3 Pts. Head Light
Strings Pattern18×20

What Strings Does Taylor Fritz Use?

Fritz likes to play with a blend of poly and natural gut for his strings bed.

He uses the Head Hawk 1.25/17 in the crosses with a tension of 50 lbs. It is stiff for players looking for fast swings and a high level of accuracy. Taylor used to play with a 16/1.30 gauge but he switched to a 17/1.25 for an added bite on the ball and spin.

He uses the Babolat Touch VS Natural gut 16/1.30 strings in the mains with a tension of 52 lbs, for a combination of power, comfort, and superb feel. This is a good choice for every player looking for sweet spot expansion and a relaxed swing with a softer response.

The Touch VS is a natural complement for stiffer polys. It is a combo widely endorsed on the Tour.

Why Does Fritz’s Racquet Look Like The Head Radical MP?

Head sponsors Taylor for his racquets and he is a marketing figurine for the company.

He only uses the paint job of the Head Radical MP, not the racquet itself, which is a mix of orange and blue that looks amazing on the hands of the player.

On another hand, other pros use the retail version of the Head Radical MP like Sloane Stephens, with minor modifications to the frame.

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