Top 10 Tallest Women’s Tennis Players – These Are the Most Successful

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An above-average height in tennis is a good thing to have. Most successful tennis players are significantly tall like the Big 3 on the men’s side where their average height is around 6’2”.

On the women’s side, the average height of the Top 100 players is around 5’5”, but sometimes we notice significantly tall and talented players like Sharapova, Venus Williams, or Kristina Mladenovic.

So, let’s dive into the Top 10 tallest female tennis players who have been very or relatively successful in their careers.

To make it to the list, a player must at least:

  • Won one title in her career (singles or doubles)
  • Or had a career-high ranking inside the Top 100

Here are the Top 10 tallest women’s tennis players.

PlayerCountryUS sizeEU size
1. Eva HrdinováCzech Republic 6’3″1.91m
2. Akgul AmanmuradovaUzbekistan6’3″1.90m
3. Lindsay DavenportUnited States6’2″1.89m
4. Naomi BroadyUnited Kingdom6’2″1.89m
5. Maria SharapovaRussia6’2″1.88m
6. Helena SukováCzech Republic 6’2″1.88m
7. Erin RoutliffeCanada & New Zealand6’2″1.88m
8. Karolína PlíškováCzech Republic 6’2″1.87m
9. Venus WilliamsUnited States6’1″1.85m
10. CoCo VandewegheUnited States6’1″1.85m

What Tall Women’s Tennis Players Are the Most Successful?

We will take the previous list of the Top 10 shortest female tennis players and figure out the most successful ones out of this list.

What Tall Female Tennis Players Have the Highest Career Ranking?

PlayerCountryUS sizeEU sizeHighest ATP Ranking
Lindsay DavenportUnited States6’2″1.89m1
Maria SharapovaRussia6’2″1.88m1
Karolína PlíškováCzech Republic6’2″1.87m1
Venus WilliamsUnited States6’1″1.85m1

Lindsay Davenport

Lindsay Davenport is one of the most successful American tennis women. After reaching the French Open semi-final and winning the US Open in 1998, she moved to the World no.1 spot in the WTA rankings.

Lindsay stayed in the top position for 98 weeks and she is one of the few players to end the year 4 times as the World’s no.1

Maria Sharapova

Maria is famous even outside the tennis world. The gorgeous Russian lady reached the world no.1 spot in 2005 as the first-ever Asian, which was a massive achievement and an opener for future top stars in the eastern continent.

Maria retained the top spot for only 21 weeks in total, which isn’t that impressive but still a historic achievement knowing that she’s been in the Top 10 for a long period in her career.

Karolína Plíšková

The Czech player may be one of the unluckiest tennis women in the circuit. She reached the world’s no.1 spot in 2017 and stayed there for 8 weeks. However, she is one of the few players to be world no.1 without winning a Grand Slam.

Venus Williams

One of the notorious Williams sisters, she is the oldest and the tallest. Venus had a cracking tennis career by winning multiple Slams and being the best in the world for 11 weeks mainly in 2002 dislodging Jennifer Capriati after a strong season start.

Furthermore, Venus was the first-ever African-American woman to top the WTA ranking.

What Short Female Tennis Players Have Won the Most Titles?

PlayerCountryUS sizeEU sizeSingles TitlesDoubles TitlesGrand Slams
Lindsay DavenportUnited States6’2″1.89m55383 Singles 3 Doubles
Venus WilliamsUnited States6’1″1.85m49227 Singles 14 Doubles
Maria SharapovaRussia6’2″1.88m3635 Singles
Karolína PlíškováCzech Republic 6’2″1.87m1650

Lindsay Davenport and Venus Williams were American tennis legends worshipped by millions of fans around the world. They have been winning titles left and right, even in the most prestigious competitions like the Grand Slams and the Masters.

Lindsay has the most WTA titles with 55 in Singles and 38 in Doubles.

Venus Williams doesn’t have Serena’s numbers but she still achieved 7 Singles Grand Slams, 5 of them in Wimbledon alone. This can be explained by her height adding to her fast and powerful serve along with good volley reach and accurate groundstrokes.

In addition, Venus succeeded greatly in the Doubles winning 14 Grand Slams.

Maria Sharapova has been superb in the Singles and managed to win 36 titles and 5 Grand Slams. Also, she is the only one on the list to complete the Grand Slam, by winning all 4.

When it comes to big titles, Karolina Pliskova is unlucky. Having 16 WTA titles in the Singles, she reached 2 Grand Slams finals but unfortunately lost both of them.

What Tall Female Tennis Players Have Won the Most Prize Money?

To begin with, we must address the fact that tennis pays a lot more over the years. For example:

  • The US Open 1990 prize money for the winner was $350,000.
  • In 2000, it was $800,000 for the winner.
  • In 2010, it was $1.7 million for the winner.
  • And in 2021, the winner took home $2.5 million before taxes.

This is a 714% increase in prize money in just 30 years! And pretty much the same happened to Masters 1000, 500, and 250 tournaments. Tennis has become very lucrative over the years.

This is to say that this ranking is relatively biased, but let us just stick with the official numbers.

PlayerCountryUS sizeEU sizePrize Money
Venus WilliamsUnited States6’1″1.85m$42 173 992
Maria SharapovaRussia6’2″1.88m$38 777 962
Karolína PlíškováCzech Republic 6’2″1.87m$23 518 355

Venus Williams has won the most titles and the most Grand Slams in a lucrative period of tennis. Logically, she has the highest career prize money.

Venus Williams

To Sum It Up

Being tall can be handy for female tennis players. It helps to have a faster and stronger serve, better volleying, and good reach for the ball.

In this list of the tallest women tennis ever to be inside the Top 100 or to win a professional title, we find legends of the game like Venus Williams, Sharapova, and Lindsay Davenport.

The others weren’t necessarily bad either. Players like Pliskova, Vandeweghe, or Sukova have reached the Top 10 and competed for big titles with the top dogs.

Eva Hrdinová is the ultimate highest professional female tennis player. She has never won a WTA title but has managed to win 22 ITF titles in her career.

PlayerCountryUS sizeEU sizeHighest ATP RankingSingles TitlesDoubles TitlesSingles Grand SlamsPrize Money
1. Eva HrdinováCzech Republic 6’3″1.91m1683190$459654.0
2. Akgul AmanmuradovaUzbekistan6’3″1.90m5010180$1540865.0
3. Lindsay DavenportUnited States6’2″1.89m155383 Singles 3 Doubles$22166338.0
4. Naomi BroadyUnited Kingdom6’2″1.89m769190$1285714.0
5. Maria SharapovaRussia6’2″1.88m13635 Singles$38777962.0
6. Helena SukováCzech Republic 6’2″1.88m410690$6391245.0
7. Erin RoutliffeCanada & New Zealand6’2″1.88m5911150$226728.0
8. Karolína PlíškováCzech Republic 6’2″1.87m11650$23518355.0
9. Venus WilliamsUnited States6’1″1.85m149227 Singles 14 Doubles$42173992.0
10. CoCo VandewegheUnited States6’1″1.85m9240$7749950.0

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