Sloane Stephens Tennis Gear – What Does She Use?

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Born into a family of athletes; her father, John Stephens, was a running back in the NFL and her mother, Sybil, was a swimmer for Boston. Sloane Stephens is one of the best American women’s tennis players. She made her way to success in 2017 when she won the US Open over fellow American Madison Keys.

When she is playing her best, Sloane is capable of producing top-notch tennis, in order to dominate her matches and win tournaments.

However, it seems that her career has been downhill since her Grand Slam success. Now she has dropped to Top 30 after reaching a career-high ranking of World no. 3.

With the rise of new talents in women’s tennis, can Stephens still compete on the highest levels and win Major titles?

Nevertheless, she is still aggressive and fierce on tennis courts, capable of powerful groundstrokes and great defense as well.

Sloane Stephens tennis gear is as follows.

  • Racquet: Head Radical MP
  • Strings: Solinco Confidential
  • Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro
  • Bag: Head Tour Team 6R Combi

Sloane Stephens Racquet

Sloane Stephens currently plays with the Head Radical MP tennis racquet.

Head Radical MP

This Head racquet is slightly lighter and more arm-friendly than Andy Murray’s Radical Pro. It has the ability to produce controllable power while remaining stable.

The main features of Stephens’ Radical MP can be listed as follows.

  • More Rounded head shape
  • Raised unstrung weight slightly heavier than the previous version
  • Denser strings spacing for more control
  • Graphene 360+ ensures flex and maneuverability.
  • Amazing feel of the racquet with enhanced stability
  • Great for variating between flat and topspin shots
  • Lower 325 Swingweight allows easier you to generate easy speed and power with less effort.

Overall, this is a perfect racquet for beginners and even pros such as Sloane to hit precise and effortless shots combined with power and incredible feel.

Stephens racquet specs

Head size98in2 / 632.26cm2
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.6oz / 300g
Strung weight11.2oz / 318g
String Tension48-57 lbs
Balance4 pts HL
Swing speedFast
Power LevelMedium
Strings Pattern16×19

Sloane Stephens Strings

Sloane Stephens likes to string her racquet with the Solinco Confidential 1.25/16L strings.

Solinco confidential

The Confidential strings are a little softer than Tour Bite but stiffer than the Hyper G strings.

It is a 4-sided monofilament that offers great control, high spin potential, and essentially unbeatable string maintenance that will last for a long time.

On another side, the Solinco confidential are destined for more advanced tennis players who are looking for more control, added spin, and better precision with their shots.

As an intermediate player who wants to add generate power or speed, there are better choices out there like multifilament or synthetic strings.

Overall, this is a superb choice for a pro like Stephens, because she already is a big hitter in women’s tennis and she hopes to add more control to her game, with better string maintenance.

Sloane Stephens Tennis Shoes

Sloane Stephens plays with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro tennis shoes.

This shoe is great for speed and agility on all courts. Fast players like Andrey Rublev choose this pair of shoes.

It is designed for quick players and it is more on the lightweight side with its 11 ounces for a women’s 8.5 size.

The Nike Vapor Pro wraps your feet comfortably, not leaving room for inside movements. The toe guard is very efficient at giving the toes enough protection when sliding.

  • The upper is durable and breathable with an added second layer of solid mesh. It fits well and wraps the feet perfectly.
  • The midsole contains the Air Zoom unite technology inside a responsive and absorbent foam under the heels. The shoe has plenty of cushioning and an extended lateral frame for added stability and torsion suppression.
  • The outsole gives you an optimal level of traction allowing them to quickly rebound and slide on any court.

Overall, this is a great shoe for a professional player looking for speed, performance, and the ability to slide seamlessly on hard courts.

Sloane Stephens Tennis Bag

Sloane Stephens tennis bag is the Head Tour Team 6R Combi blue and pink.

Head Tour Team 6R Combi blue and pink

It is a great tennis bag for a quick tennis trip. It features Climate Control Technology CCT+ to keep the gear protected from high temperatures.

The main specs of the bag are:

  • Maximum capacity of 6 racquets
  • Inside mesh pocket for shoes or wet clothes
  • Outside zippered pocket for accessories
  • Padded and adjustable diagonal straps and grab handles
  • Techy design with edges and beautiful female colors

The bag’s dimensions are 33in length, 10in width, and 12in height.

It is made from Polyester and TPU.

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