Sebastian Baez Racquet – What Does He Use?

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He is like a younger Diego Schwartzman. Sebastian Baez is the new tennis talent of Argentina.

Born in 2000, he is still young and has a big margin of improvement ahead of him.

Still, he is already a Top 35 player and has one ATP250 title to his name in Estoril after defeating solid players like Marin Cilic, Gasquet, and Tiafoe.

Despite being only 5’7” (170cm), he has excellent footwork and speed mixed with powerful deep strokes and variations. This is the only way to make it past modern tall players like Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas, and many more.

People ask what racquet does he use and what are his specs?

Sebastian Baez plays with a Yonex VCore 100 racquet. He strings it with the Yonex Polytour Strike in the mid 40’s lbs.

yonex vcore 100

Sebastian Baez Racquet Specs

A short player like Baez needs huge power and easy spin and this is what you get with the Yonex VCore 100 racquet.

It is the 6th iteration and the update has brought a fresher look to the cosmetics, featuring red and black with a nice blue stripe on the shaft.

The new version of the Vcore 100 is a little less stiff (66) bringing more feel and better control of the shots. But this modification should allow more vibration of the frame, isn’t it?

Well, the racquet comes with the VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh) in the frame for improved stability and comfort on the impact. Wind drag is also reduced with the design to allow a higher acceleration.

The retail version sits at 10.6oz / 300gr unstrung, which is enough for intermediate players.

However, Sebastian puts lots of lead tape to his frame (3 and 9 o’clock), to increase the weight hence the Swingweight and the power of his shots.

Baez racquet with lead tape
Baez racquet with lead tape

I would expect his racquet weight to be more than 345 grams, just like his compatriot Diego Schwartzman.

Overall, this is a perfect racquet for intermediate to pro aggressive players looking for easy power and spin, stability, and comfort, with a good feel.

Here are the known specs of Baez’s racquet.

Head size100 in²
Lenght27 in

These are the main features of the Yonex VCore 100:

  • Big power
  • High topspin
  • Stability and aerodynamic design thanks to VDM
  • Reduced air resistance
  • Ergonomically shaped end cap for more comfort.

Sebastian Baez Racquet Strings

Sebastian Baez strings his racquet with the Yonex Polytour Strike strings in the mid 40’s lbs.

We don’t know exactly what gauge he plays with, but I will make an educated guess that it’s a 1.30 gauge since it appears thick in photos.

The Polytour Strike is a polyester monofilament that sits on the responsive and firm side.

This is perfect for aggressive baseliners looking for supreme control when hitting at high speed with a fast swing. You will obtain consistent deep and powerful shots with lots of pace and spin.

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