Lorenzo Musetti Tennis Shoes – What Does He Use in 2022?

Lorenzo Musetti is an Italian promise for a bright tennis future. He is already an established player who proved himself on the big stage by beating top players like Wawrinka, Dimitrov, Schwartzman, and more.

Lorenzo has a signature one-handed backhand that is very precise and powerful. His forehand and net game are also consistent and reliable.

He is also good when it comes to footwork and speed. He can cover big distances and move fast from end to end.

One factor in Lorenzo’s agility and footwork skills is his choice of shoes.

Lorenzo Musetti plays with the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro tennis shoes.

Lorenzo Musetti Shoe Specs

The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro shoes are endorsed by many pros on the Tour like Rublev, Fritz, Alcaraz, Khachanov, and so on.

They are moderately lightweight with 12.9 ounces for a 10.5 men’s size.

Without sacrificing stability, the Vapor Pro offers lots of agility and speed on all courts.

  • The shoe delivers good traction, necessary for quick changes of direction and improvisation.
  • The Vapor Pro wraps the feet well, not leaving room for undesirable foot movements.
  • The upper of the shoes is breathable with an added second layer of solid mesh. It is resistant to abrasion made by sliding in clay or cement.
  • The midsole is Nike’s Air Zoom foam unit that is responsive and shock-absorbent. The shoe provides great cushioning and stiff lateral protection from torsional movements, adding more stability.
  • The outsole provides adequate traction that allows the player to slide on hard courts as well.

Opinions On The Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro Shoes

Many people like that this pair of tennis shoes is lightweight and stable at the same time, thanks to the stiff frame on the side of the shoe.

It is a good choice for advanced players who want to win extra milliseconds to get to the ball quickly or to rebound fast from a difficult position.

As for beginners or amateurs, the low durability and poorer finishing don’t make this shoe an ideal choice.

Many players prefer the previous version (Nike Vapor Pro) and said it lasted way longer than the current model.

Overall, this is a great pair of shoes for established players looking for more speed, agility, and easy sliding, notably on hard courts.

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