Lorenzo Musetti Racquet – Specs & Setup

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Lorenzo Musetti is one of the Italian new generation of talented tennis players. Along with compatriots Berrettini, Sinner, and Cecchinato, he is already an established player who has all the ingredients to improve to a Top 10 player in the next few years.

On the court, he is fierce and a fighter and he proved it on the big stage several times.

Lorenzo has a signature one-handed backhand that is very precise and powerful. His forehand and net game are also consistent and reliable.

So, what racquet does Lorenzo use, and what string setup does he play with?

Lorenzo Musetti Racquet Specs

Lorenzo Musetti has recently endorsed the newer Head Boom Pro racquet.

He plays with the actual racquet (not just using the cosmetics) as he felt it had more power than his previous Head Extreme Tour racquet.

Head Boom Pro

What is striking at first sight is the new isometric shape of the racquet’s head just like what you’d find in Yonex racquets. This new shape offers a larger sweet spot hence more accuracy.

The Head Boom Pro provides easy power and a plush feel. The UNI Pattern design of the strings, which is a uniform string setup, offers consistent shots and a forgiving sweet spot. You can find that the last strings are very close to the beam.

Another noticeable characteristic is the elongated box beam shaft for a good blend of feel and ease on the court.

The Boom Pro comes with Graphene Inside the technology that reinforces the frame for more stability and energy transfer from the body to the ball.

Overall, the new Head Boom Pro used by Lorenzo Musetti is a good choice of racquet combining easy power, great accuracy, and an awesome feel.

Below are the specs of the Head Boom Pro:

Head size98 in² / 630 cm²
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.9oz / 310g
Strings Pattern16×19

Lorenzo Musetti Racquet Strings

Lorenzo Musetti plays with the hybrid string setup of:

He strings his racquet at 53lbs/24kg of tension.

Head Hawk Touch 17/1.25
Head Lynx Tour 17/1.25

Head Hawk touch is a control-oriented monofilament string. The elastic strings make the ball contact soft and the feel plush and arm-friendly. It is a great choice for good control and high accuracy.

On the other hand, Head Lynx Tour is perfect for more power and spin. The co-poly has a 6-side shape, enabling you to take good cuts on the ball for an easy spin and big powerful strokes.

Overall, Lorenzo’s strings setup is the perfect balance between power, spin, control, and feel. All this while using a full co-poly monofilament bed.

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