Jenson Brooksby Tennis Shoes – Here’s What He Uses

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Jenson Brooksby is one of many current American tennis players among the Top 100 of the rankings.

On the court, he is a solid counterpuncher who rallies from the baseline and pushes his opponents to make the error first. But he also can hit powerful winners and aces.

This playstyle requires lots of endurance, and solid and stable footwork to execute the shots nicely.

Jenson Brooksby tennis shoes are the Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 shoes.

Wilson Rush Pro 4.0

Brooksby Shoe Specs

More pros are starting to use Wilson shoes like in the old days like Lehecka and Brooksby.

The Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 tennis shoes are ideal for stability, durability, and performance.

The upper is flexible and breathable with a specifically designed mesh.

The midsole is made of Energy Surge EVA that is divided into:

  • High-density foam located under the heel for high shock absorption
  • Lower-density foam in the forefoot for speed optimization and forgiveness

One good feature is the multidirectional shank that is spread underneath to provide stability and torsional security during the movements.

In addition, a TPU piece called 4D Support Chassis splits the chassis into two pieces:

  • one running under the foot for forward propulsion
  • the other runs laterally from heel to toe as high as the ankle level on the backfoot offering additional lateral protection.
Wilson Rush Pro 4.0

The outsole consists of a Duralast high-density durable rubber compound that provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on all surfaces.

Overall, the Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 is brilliant when it comes to overall stability, sole durability, and forward propulsion.

Brooksby Shoe Review

Wilson Rush Pro 4.0

Not everyone shares the same opinion. But we’ve found similar positive and negative thoughts about the new Rush Pro.


  • Good stability
  • Durable outsole and is great for sliding
  • Comfortable and absorbs shocks wells
  • Great for hard


  • Not a durable upper
  • Not good for clay
  • Needs break-in time

Can You Buy Brooksby’s Shoes?

Yes. The Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 tennis shoes are widely available.

You can use this link: Here

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