Jenson Brooksby Racquet – What Does He Really Use?

American tennis players have taken the ATP rankings by storm after the 2020s. Today more than 15 young players from the USA are among the Top 100 and Jenson Brooksby is one of them.

He is a counterpuncher who rallies a lot from the baseline and pushes his opponent to the fault. You can say he is the American version of Gilles Simon.

Jenson used to play with a Wilson Blade pro stock but recently there have been some major changes in his gear.

Currently, Jenson Brooksby plays with a Dunlop CX200 16×19 racquet.

Dunlop CX200 16x19 racquet

Brooksby Racquet Specs

Brooksby has recently signed a contract with Dunlop according to the brand’s social media posts, following quite a few pros who’ve done the same like Kecmanovic or Popyrin.

Many people say that Jenson uses a Wilson Blade painted to look like a Dunlop racquet. However, I don’t think a brand like Dunlop would just paint another brand’s racquet.

The CX200 is the Blade’s version of Dunlop and plays similarly to it by offering control, feel, and controllable power.

The mold and the layup of the two racquets might be the same, but if you look at the head guard made of black plastic, you can see that it’s not similar. We can just assume that Dunlop tried to replicate more or less the same racquet with Brooksby’s desired specs.

Here are the retail specs of the racquet:

Head Size98 sq in
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305gr
String pattern16×19

Brooksby Racquet Strings

Jenson Brooksby strings his racquet with the Solinco Outlast 1.30 at 48 lbs.

Solinco Outlast 1.30 reel

This co-poly string plays soft and responsive and also provides a good bite on the ball hence a big amount of spin put on each shot. Control is top-notch as well.

In addition, it is durable, and will probably go dead before it will break.

Can You Buy Brooksby’s Setup?

Yes. Both the racquet and the strings are available to the wide tennis public and you can get them at any online or physical store.

Here are some links to get them.


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