Jelena Ostapenko Racquet – Specs & Details

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Jelen’s career highlight is undoubtedly her Roland Garros title in 2017. She was so aggressive and powerful back then.

But then she lost a little of her steam and struggled to regain her previous glory.

Ostapenko is an aggressive baseliner who is famous for taking risks and hitting powerful flat strokes with high speed comparable to the men’s game. Her mentality is based on “see ball hit winner”. That’s why she is unbeatable when playing at her best level.

If her strokes are so fast, maybe the gear she uses plays a role in giving her what she needs. So tennis fans ask what racquet she plays with.

Jelena Ostapenko plays with the Wilson Steam 100 racquet painted to look like a new Wilson Blade v8. She strings it with the Luxilon 4G poly strings.

Steam 100 racquet

Jelena Ostapenko Racquet Specs

The majority of pros play with old or pro stock racquets that are discontinued on the market by the racquet brands. The reason is that they are used to their feel and power/control level and switching to a new racquet would destroy their consistency.

Jelena uses a Steam 100 racquet like Paula Badosa or Emma Raducanu.

One way to recognize the model is to look at the bottom four grommets of the racquet; they are in white in the Steam 100 frame.

With a 100 sq in head and a 16×20 string pattern, the racquet offers lots of easy power and spin. It also gives the pros control and precision in their shot-making.

With a firm response and good stability, the Wilson Steam 100 is a great racquet for WTA players looking for easy power and control.

These are the racquet specs:

Head Size100 in²
Length27.25 in / 69.2 cm
Unstrung weight10.5 oz / 299 gr
Balance12.5in / 31.7 cm
String pattern16 x 20

Jelena Ostapenko Racquet Strings

Jelena Ostapenko strings her racquet with a full bed of Luxilon 4G 1.30 at 27kg / 59.5 lbs.

Luxilon 4G 1.30

The Luxilon 4G strings are a co-poly monofilament offering a nice feel and comfort. It also provides fine power and spin level.

What strikes me is the tension that Ostapenko puts in her strings. 60 lbs in tension is just too stiff allowing little spin but more accuracy and a really flat stroke.

It clearly reflects on her game but she can make lots of errors too with this risky approach.

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