How to Wear Your Tennis Bag Properly? [Pay Attention to That]

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After choosing the tennis bag that serves your needs, you fill it up with all the equipment including racquets, grips, clothes, and beverages and you head to the court.

But how do you exactly carry a tennis bag? Do you sling it over your shoulder, or do you take it by the grab handles?

Knowing how to carry your tennis bag properly to the court will help you avoid injuries and be more comfortable. This allows you to be 100% ready for a good tennis session.

Otherwise, not wearing your tennis bag conveniently might lead you to physical discomfort and may cause cuts or wounds on your skin and muscles, leading to quick tiring and probable injuries.

Learning how to wear a tennis bag is underrated by many tennis beginners. However, it is necessary to know how to properly carry your bag especially if you play or travel for tournaments regularly and carry considerable weight.

How to Carry a Large Tennis Bag?

By large tennis bags, we mean bags that carry more than 6 racquets like 6-pack, 9-pack, 12-packs, and 15-pack bags.

In general, these bags have two carrying options:

1. Padded shoulder straps

You wear them like you’d wear a backpack.

We recommend slinging it over both shoulders to keep the weight balanced between your shoulders.

This way you can carry lots of weight without worrying too much about injuries or discomfort.

Sometimes, you will see pros on the TV wearing two straps on the same shoulder. The reason is that they often carry another bag on the second shoulder.

This is an example of Nadal and Tsitsipas carrying their bags from the locker room. This is a one-minute walk, nothing uncomfortable.

2. Grab Handles

Large tennis bags always come with grab handles. They are made from nylon or plastic, sometimes leather.

You can use the grab handles if you don’t put too much weight in your bag, or/and if the distance to the court is short.

From my personal experience, you can carry your tennis bag by the grab handles for a minute or two. After that, it does get heavy and you should either switch your hand or use both shoulder straps.

How to Carry a Duffle Tennis Bag?

A duffle tennis bag has one padded shoulder strap along with grab handles. You can carry a duffle bag using the padded strap.

zverev Duffle Tennis Bag

Most of the time, pros use a duffle bag to as a supplemental court bag to carry additional items like clothes, beverages, medical equipment, and more.

Nonetheless, some players like Alexander Zverev use their duffle bag as a primary bag to carry their playing gear and accessories. In that case, you should be careful about the weight that you put on one shoulder.

Preferably, you can use the grab handles if it is a little heavy for you.

How to Wear a Tennis Backpack?

Tennis backpacks are great for carrying two racquets at max and small accessories. They are lightweight and easy to hold.

Geau Sport Axiom backpack
Geau Sport Axiom backpack

Obviously, the best way to wear a tennis backpack is on your back using the padded straps.

It is adequate if you walk for a long distance to the club or if go by bicycle or motorcycle.

Wearing a Tennis Tote Bag

Women love this kind of bag because they are functional and fashionable at the same time.

They look like a handbag but it contains tennis accessories and a racquet or two.

Tote bags are simple to carry on your shoulder or on your hand.

tennis tote bag

They can fit one racquet and a can of balls along with additional accessories, but nothing heavy at all.

To Sum It Up

A tennis bag is a compulsory component of any player. It holds all the equipment and keeps them safe and fresh and in one place.

Wearing your tennis bag shouldn’t be a problem.

The most useful tip to remember is to distribute the weight of the bag on both shoulders if you carry it for a long distance or if you travel a lot.

Otherwise, for a 1 or 2-minute walk to the court, you can carry your bag on one shoulder or grab it by the handles.

Finally, don’t forget to clean your tennis bag from time to time. We have a complete guide on that matter.

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