How Much Do Tennis Shoes Cost?

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When you shop for a new pair of tennis shoes, you come across many brands, and each brand has multiple models to offer.

While the competitors normally choose the premium models, players on a budget may lean towards the less expensive options.

This brings the question of how much tennis shoes cost in late 2022. We’ve done the research and we collected data from the biggest retailers. And here’s what we’ve found.

On-court tennis shoes cost between $60 and $200. The average price of a tennis shoe is $122, which is the price to expect for a new pair.

What Is the Most Expensive Tennis Shoe?

The most expensive pair of tennis shoes is the ON Roger Pro with a selling price of $200.

ON Roger Pro

ON is a famous Swiss running apparel company created by Caspar Coppetti, Olivier Bernhard, and David Allemann. They are specialized in developing performance running shoes.

But in 2020, following the separation between Federer and Nike, ON announced a collaboration with the Maestro and they together launched a line of off-court shoes and one on-court tennis shoe called the Roger Pro.

He is using his unique experience to help take our product development, marketing, and fan experiences to new levels.


It is difficult to explain why they choose such an expensive price point. ON running shoes typically range between $140 and $170, with two exceptions the Cloudace, and the Cloudboom Echo at $200 and $270 respectively.

Nevertheless, the Roger Pro shoes incorporate expensive materials like a carbon fiber plate and high-performance foam in the midsole. In addition, the association with Federer’s image using a 3D scan of his foot for the initial design adds more value, which brings the cost up.

Federer with ON team

Personally, I think that spending $200 for a pair of tennis shoes is too much as it is a lot more than the average $122 that you should normally expect to put aside.

What Are the Cheapest Tennis Shoes?

For players on a budget, there are good options for new tennis shoes hovering around $60.

Remember we are talking about newer models, not old ones from years ago, which can be even more affordable.

BrandModelPrice in late 2022
K-SwissCourt Express$60
AdidasLigra 7$65
New Balance696v4$65

The K-Swiss Court Express

K-Swiss Court Express

The K-Swiss Court Express is a great value tennis shoe for entry-level players.

With a synthetic plus leather upper, EVA midsole, and solid Aosta 7.0 rubber, it provides a decent level of support, comfort, and grip. It is also durable for a budget shoe.

The Adidas Ligra 7

Adidas Ligra 7

The Adidas Ligra 7 is an indoor tennis shoe designed to provide good support and grip with great durability.

A flexible mesh upper ensures ventilation and comfort. In addition, it incorporates an EVA foam insole that offers decent shock absorption and rebound.

New Balance 696v4

New Balance 696v4

It is the most affordable New Balance tennis shoe. It is more suitable for hard courts because of the herringbone pattern on the sole.

The upper is synthetic but has perforations to ensure breathability. In addition, the midsole is made from EVA making it lightweight and supportive.

The outsole features NDurance technology for excellent durability and traction.

One thing to beware of is that some sizes come at $65 while other sizes cost $75.

If you’re looking for the best affordable tennis shoes, please read this article.

How Much Do Most Tennis Shoes Cost on the Market?

We know that the average price of a new pair of tennis shoes is $122. But how much does the price fluctuate around this value?

Based on our data, we considered four price brackets and we calculated the percentage relative to their market share. Here is the result:

Price Rangeless than $100$100 to $125$125 to $150more than $150
Market share17.9%30.8%30.8%20.5%

We can see that the price follows a normal distribution with more than 60% of tennis shoes costing between 100 and 150 US Dollars.

In addition, it is clear that the lowest market share is for tennis shoes under $100.

The possible explanation is that tennis shoes need more lateral stability and support than running shoes or normal sneakers. Thus it is harder for most companies to create highly performant tennis shoes below the 100-dollar mark.

Here is another distribution by breaking down the price brackets to a $20 range:

Price RangeMarket Share
Less than $809.0%
$80 to $1009.0%
$100 to $12024.4%
$120 to $14020.5%
$140 to $16028.2%
$160 to $1807.7%
More than $1801.3%

Notice how there are few tennis shoes above $160 but also how only 9% of tennis shoes cost less than $80.

What Factors Influence the Price of A Tennis Shoe?

Seeing the gap between the least and the most expensive tennis shoes forces us to think about why there is so much difference.

These are the main factors that dictate a tennis shoe’s selling price.


Some brands are considered more premium than others despite using similar technology and materials. Good examples would be

  • Lacoste, which is a mid-luxury apparel French brand that pushes the price of its vitrine model to $175.
  • ON Roger line, which sells the most expensive tennis shoe on the market “The Roger Pro” for a whopping $200.


Brands innovate to find the most performant and durable materials that can be used to craft high-quality tennis shoes.

There is constant progress in the tennis footwear industry in order to create:

  • Highly flexible and breathable uppers
  • Supportive and comfortable midsoles using materials like Foam, Gel, Carbon fiber…
  • Anti-abrasive, grippy, and durable outsoles, sometimes using the expertise of car tire makers like Michelin or Goodyear
  • Innovative and lightweight TPU shanks and plates for maximum stability like Pebex.

The incorporation of multiple technologies increases the cost of a tennis shoe, along with its performance.

What Is the Price of Each Tennis Shoe?

The table below presents the selling price in USD for every tennis shoe we could find on the market, without discounts, at the end of 2022, sorted from the least to the most expensive.

BrandModelBase Price in USD
K-SwissCourt Express60
AdidasLigra 765
New Balance696v465
NikeCourt Lite 370
AdidasGame court 270
AsicsGel Dedicate70
NikeZoom Lite70
AdidasCourt Flash80
AsicsGel Game80
NikeVapor Lite80
AdidasCourtJam Control85
AdidasCourt Team Bounce90
K-SwissBigshot Light 490
New Balance796v390
AdidasDefiant Generation100
AsicsGel Challenger100
BabolatSFX 3100
NikeZoom Pro100
WilsonRush Pro Ace100
MizunoWave Exceed Light105
AsicsSolution Swift FF110
BabolatPropulse Blast110
BabolatJet Tere110
FilaVolley Zone110
HeadSprint LTD110
LottoMirage 300110
YonexSonicage 2110
FilaAxilus Energized115
K-SwissHypercourt Express115
K-SwissUltrashot Team115
AdidasSoleMatch Control120
New Balance1006120
New Balance806120
NikeVapor Pro120
LottoMirage 200125
WilsonKaos Swift129
AsicsSolution Speed FF2130
BabolatPropulse Fury130
FilaSpeedserve Energized130
LottoMirage 100130
MizunoWave Exceed Tour 5130
DiadoraBlushield Fly 3135
HeadRevolt Evo 2.0135
K-SwissHypercourt Supreme135
WilsonRush Pro 4.0135
AdidasUbersonic 4140
AsicsGel Resolution 8140
BabolatJet Mach III140
NikeZoom NXT140
NikeGP Turbo140
YonexFusion Rev 4140
DiadoraSpeed Blushield Torneo145
New Balance996v4145
YonexPower Cushion Eclipsion 4145
AdidasStabil Next Gen150
AdidasStella Court150
BabolatJet Mach II150
DiadoraSpeed B Icon150
HeadRevolt Pro 4.0150
HeadSprint Pro 3.5150
K-SwissUltrashot 3150
New BalanceX Lav 2150
NikeVapor Cage 4150
AdidasSolecourt Boost160
AdidasSolecourt Primeblue160
NikeVapor NXT160
AsicsCourt FF2170
WilsonKaos Mirage170
LacosteAG-LT Ultra175
ONRoger Pro200

You can visit the tennis-warehouse site to see the current prices and maybe pick a tennis shoe to play with.

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