How Much Do Tennis Lessons Cost (With Stats)

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Tennis is not an expensive sport. The equipment to start for beginners is affordable (around $300 is amply sufficient between racquet, shoes, and clothes).

Financing your training gear every month is also, quite cheap (around $50 is a good price point to string your racquet and buy some balls).

However, when it comes to tennis lessons with qualified coaches, the whole equation can be different. There is a substantial additional cost involved to take tennis lessons and the price varies a lot based on your level, and the qualification and skill of the coach.

Also, tennis lessons prices vary from state to state and country to country.

In the US, amateur tennis lessons will cost between $60 and $100 per hour for individual lessons, and $100 per hour for group lessons with 3 or 4 people. On the other hand, professional tennis lessons with highly qualified coaches can cost between $150 and $300 per hour per person.

The factors that determine the cost of coaching are various and we will try to cover some in the next chapters of this post.

Does The Cost Include The Rent?

In most cases, the court renting fee is not included in the coach charges. You need to pay extra money for the facility, to be able to play on one of their courts. Moreover, all tennis coaches teach in a paid facility like a tennis association, a club, or a resort and they earn a salary for this job.

You can still play in a free public court, but not all the coaches accept to teach you outside of the facility they belong to.

As for the cost of renting a court, it varies from city to city.

In the US, the average cost to rent a tennis court is roughly $16 per hour. The cost is higher in winter since you will be forced to play indoors.

Relatively speaking, the US is considered cheaper than many other countries in terms of tennis court renting fees. These are the top 15 US cities with the most expensive hourly renting rate, according to a survey done by the website

#US CityAverage per hour
1Brooklyn, NY, United States44.29 $
2New York, NY, United States40.17 $
3Seattle, WA, United States33.14 $
4Philadelphia, PA, United States31.59 $
5Spokane, WA, United States25.80 $
6Minneapolis, MN, United States25.33 $
7Tampa, FL, United States25.21 $
8Buffalo, NY, United States24.17 $
9Portland, OR, United States24.10 $
10Las Vegas, NV, United States23.12 $
11Indianapolis, IN, United States22.50 $
12Chicago, IL, United States21.91 $
13Boston, MA, United States21.25 $
14Cincinnati, OH, United States20.62 $
15Phoenix, AZ, United States20.25 $

For a more in-depth look at the cost of renting tennis courts, you can visit this article.

Why Are Private Tennis Lessons Expensive?

They are expensive because they involve qualified and certified coaches. These people are selling their time and expertise and have to make a living.

A simple calculation will help you understand how much tennis private coaches make on average.

If we suppose that, the cost of a private lesson with a coach is $50, and the coach is training on average 3 players a day, 5 times a week. Then, the coach will make about $40,000 per year, provided that he is in good health throughout the year and he doesn’t go on vacation. The gains are practically less than that on average.

It is not an easy journey for tennis coaches and the majority of them struggle financially.

According to a study done by on 78 volunteers, the average annual salary for tennis coaches is $55,202. In addition, more than 70% of them earn between $31k and $55k.

In the end, private lessons are not making coaches super-rich. They are only putting food on the table for the majority of them.

Are Private Tennis Lessons Worth It?

I would say, yes. they are essential to your progression. I have played tennis since 14 and used to play with my friends on the school courts.

We were having tons of fun, but technically speaking it was poor. We tried to copy the players we love and replicate their shots but they weren’t good enough.

So I decided to pay a yearly subscription to a club in a 20-minute drive. I hired a private coach three hours a week to learn the fundamentals.

The results were fantastic. In my first sessions, I felt like complete garbage and I wasn’t even close to hitting proper tennis shots. Working with my coach Yassine has improved my game tremendously since I had the physical strength and mental awareness.

It was all a matter of learning the basics in terms of technique and tactics, which got me to a decent and competitive level in my high school.

Even though private tennis lessons are somewhat expensive, they help you assimilate the essential skills and enhance your technical and tactical abilities on the court.

My personal advice is that you should take 1 to 2 private lessons a week and for the rest, you can play with a friend or hit with the wall.

To Wrap it Up

Not taking coaching lessons is one big barrier when it comes to improving your game. While amateur tennis lessons can be a little affordable, highly qualified coaches are very expensive and most require you to play on a professional level in order to train with them.

As a recreational or amateur player, you can still enjoy the game with friends on a rented court or simply play alone if you cannot find people on a given day. We have a helpful article on how to enjoy tennis when you are alone.

Helpful tip:

Use these two links to locate good tennis coaches in your city.

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