Francisco Cerundolo Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Born in 1998, Francisco Cerundolo is a young Argentinian tennis player who is already making a big impact on the ATP.

He leads the new generation of Argentinian talents like Federico Coria, Sebastian Baez, and his younger brother Juan Manuel.

Francisco won his first ATP title in Bastad 2022, after defeating players like Casper Ruud, Aslan Karatsev, and Carreno Busta. This was his ticket to new heights and new aspirations.

An interesting fact about Cerundolo is having a 5-5 record against the Top 10 players.

On the court, he blasts powerful shots and plays with good consistency and high accuracy. He also has an effective first serve. What racquet does he use?

Francisco Cerundolo endorses the Head Prestige MP but actually plays with the Head PT57A pro stock racquet.

Head PT57A pro stock
Head PT57A pro stock

Francisco Cerundolo Racquet Specs

Francisco plays with Andy Murray’s racquet geared up to ridiculous specifications.

First, the PT57A mold is famous for its massive power and outstanding accuracy. It is heavy but Francisco’s weight is 350gr strung, achieving a 380 Swingweight, which is insane!

No wonder why Cerundolo’s shots appear powerful and heavy on the TV.

He also plays with a 27.5in long frame giving him a longer swing and hence more speed and pace.

The 18×20 string pattern gives him control and a high degree of precision to hit deep spots and accurate serves.

Here are the known specs of Francisco Cerundolo’s racquet.

Head size98 in²
Lenght27.5 in
Strung Weight12.34oz / 350gr

Francisco Cerundolo Racquet Strings

Francisco Cerundolo strings his racquet with the Kirschbaum Max Power 17/1.25 strings.

Kirschbaum Max Power 17/1.25

It is a co-poly monofilament that plays firm and crisp.

As opposite as the name suggests, this is not a power string but rather a control-oriented one.

It offers consistency and predictability that a player needs to adjust his game. By lowering the tension to the mid-50s, Francisco can use his monster racquet with a better feel for the placements and a good net clearance.

Overall, this is a fantastic and affordable string for those who look for maximum control and a crisp feel for the shots.

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