Frances Tiafoe Racquet – What Does He Use?

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Frances is an American tennis talent known for his muscular body and powerful swing.

He has seen his first success in 2018 after winning the Delray Beach Open as his first ATP title.

On the court, he plays an offensive aggressive game and has powerful strokes delivered with spin and depth. Frances also possesses a strong serve that helps him win easy points and games on fast surfaces.

People ask what racquet he uses to play.

Frances Tiafoe currently plays with the Yonex VCORE Pro 97 racquet with a 16×19 string pattern.

Yonex VCORE Pro 97

Frances Tiafoe Racquet Specs

Frances has recently made the switch from his Yonex Dual-G VCORE Pro 97 to the actual VCORE Pro 97.

He has been spotted experimenting with a blacked-out racquet for a while, and he recently appeared in a racquet with the new VCORE Pro 97 cosmetics.

With a closer look at the racquet he carries; we can make an educated guess that he plays with the actual new racquet.

The new VCORE Pro 97 is destined for advanced players looking for speed, spin, and control of their shots.

Yonex encompasses all its knowledge and technology in the new frame. Here is what the new racquet offers in terms of high-tech:

  • 2G-NAMD (Flex Force) in the graphite
  • VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh) offers natural dampening and more stability
  • Addition of Flex Fuse (soft polymer) in the frame for more comfort
  • ISOMETRIC shape for an increased sweet spot and a forgiving pocketing

The retail version has a noticeable drop in the Swingweight to 316 and a stiffness score of only 60, which makes it maneuverable and arm-friendly. However, it requires experienced and powerful hands like Tiafoe’s to bring more pace and power to the shots.

Here are the latest known specs of Frances Tiafoe’s racquet with lead tape at 3 and 9 o’clock.

Head size97 in²
Length27 in / 68.58 cm
Unstrung weight11.04 oz / 313 g
Balance12.60 in / 32 cm
Strung weight~11.81 oz / 335 g
Balance~12.99 in / 33 cm

Frances Tiafoe Racquet Strings

Frances Tiafoe strings his racquet with the Yonex Poly Tour Pro 16L/1.25 at 44 lbs. / 20 kgs.

It is a soft co-poly monofilament that is spin-friendly and control-oriented. Great ball-pocketing is a key feature of this string.

It offers an easy snap effect on the ball and a great feel even for the most aggressive players.

In addition, it is solid and has brilliant string maintenance

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