Elina Svitolina Tennis Gear – What Does She Use?

Elina Svitolina is a successful Ukrainian female tennis player. She was born on 12 September 1994 and made a name for herself in the sport at a young age.

Her early career achievement was winning the French Open for juniors in 2010. She also played the juniors final of Wimbledon.

After turning pro in 2010, her career is getting bigger and bigger by accumulating 16 WTA titles, one WTA finals championship, and more than $21 million in prize money.

Elina is the hope of Ukrainian tennis to grab a national maiden Grand Slam title, but it seems closer each year as Svitolina has improved massively and climbed to the World no. 3 spot in the rankings in 2017.

Her tennis playstyle is based on turning defense into attack with brilliant all-around skills. She also possesses decent stamina, speed, and accurate footwork.

Elina Svitolina seems closer than ever to reaching the top spot of women’s tennis and maybe to make her way to a Grand Slam crown.

Enough of her story, this is Elina Svitolina’s tennis gear:

  • Racquet: Wilson Blade 16×19 v8
  • Strings: Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 125
  • Shoes: Nike React Vapor NXT
  • Bag: Wilson Super Tour 15 Pack Red

Elina Svitolina’s Racquet

Elina Svitolina plays with the Wilson Blade 16×19 v8.

Wilson blade 98 v8 16x19

This racquet is popular on the Tour and endorsed by so many players, like Emma Raducanu, Simona Halep, or Alex de Minaur.

It is a fine racquet for pros looking for precision and control in their game.

  • The new Blade 98 has 61 in stiffness only, which adds generous feel and a sweet ball feedback with the 16×19 frame.
  • The Swingweight went as down as 317 to add more handling and a quicker swing for more speed and power.
  • The Blade v8 features Wilson’s FORTYFIVE° technology, which adds more flexibility and stability without compromising power.
  • Innovative materials like braided graphite and basalt composition improve the flex of the racquet to help with the feedback and the control.

Overall, the Wilson Blade 98 v8 with the 16×19 frame is a spin-friendly racquet offering control and precision with a great feel on the hands. This is why lots of tennis players like it.

Svitolina’s racquet specs

Head size98in2 / 632.26cm2
Length27in / 68.58cm
Frame Pattern16×19
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305g
Strung weight11.3oz / 320g
String Tension50 – 60lbs
Balance4 Pts Head Light
Swing speedFast
Power LevelLow-Medium


Elina Svitolina’s Strings

Svitolina likes to string her racquet with the famous Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 125. We couldn’t find any information about the tension she uses.


The 16-gauge co-poly provides tremendous power and has good spin potential.

Another great advantage of these poly and nylon strings is the great feel adding more control to your shots.

Overall, this is a classic trusted by many pros like Coco Gauff or Aryna Sabalenka, who seek power and control with an amazing feel.


Elina Svitolina’s Tennis Shoes

Nike React Vapor NXT

Elina Svitolina wears the Nike React Vapor NXT tennis shoes on the courts.

This shoe is perfect for aggressive players looking for speed, stability, and easy sliding on all types of surfaces.

Female players like Sabalenka or Naomi Osaka play with the same Nike shoes.

The upper of the React Vapor NXT is made from a double layer of breathable material combined with Nike Flyweave material for a glove-like fit.

The midsole features Nike React technology in the foam under the heels for added responsiveness and better support and foot alignment.

A lateral stiff frame adds foot stability and prevents torsion or flexion, making it stable and secure.

The outsole contains a modified herringbone tread pattern that prevents slippage on all courts and provides adequate traction while allowing easy sliding and recoveries in hard courts.


Elina Svitolina’s Tennis Bag

Wilson Super Tour 15-pack Red

Svitolina’s tennis bag of choice is the Wilson Super Tour 15-pack Red.

This bag is crafted for the biggest competitor. It features Thermoguard lining to protect the items against high temperatures.

  • The bag has 3 racquet compartments that can hold up to 15 racquets
  • It has two large exterior side pockets for personal storage
  • A ventilated interior zippered pocket welcomes an extra pair of shoes
  • The bag has padded and adjustable straps for comfort and convenience

Overall, this bag is a solid option for a big tennis traveler either professional or amateur.


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