Dominic Thiem Tennis Shoes – What Does He Wear in 2022?

Dominic has always been a threat to the top players proving to be a serious contender in each tournament he enters.

He has one Major title at the US Open and one Masters 1000 in Indian Wells, and he seems hungry again after his 2022 comeback.

Dominic Thiem is a very athletic player that moves a lot on the court, playing shots in almost every possible position.

He often fires shots on the jump or when sliding and that’s why he needs demanding shoes in terms of grip, comfort, energy return, and overall support.

Dominic Thiem wears a custom-made tennis shoe based on:

  • The upper of the Adidas SoleCourt Boost
  • The midsole and the outsole of the Adidas CourtJam Bounce
Adidas SoleCourt Boost
Adidas SoleCourt Boost
Adidas CourtJam Bounce
Adidas CourtJam Bounce

Dominic Thiem Shoe Overview

This blend is not a coincidence but rather an intelligent choice based on Thiem’s needs on the court.

SoleCourt Boost Contribution

Adidas SoleCourt Boost

The Adidas SoleCourt Boost is famous for having a high-quality upper equipped with Adiwear dots.

It offers protection and supreme fit and cushioning especially the V shape around the Achilles tendon and the wide toe box, which must probably be ideal for Dominic.

The forefoot and the midfoot are reinforced and attached to the midsole. This gives more stability and better foot wrapping if you move a lot.

CourtJam Bounce Contribution

While the Boost foam in the SoleCourt shoe gives you tremendous shock absorption and support, it lacks energy return compared to the Bounce midsole.

Boost midsole
Boost midsole
Bounce midsole
Bounce midsole

In fact, The Bounce midsole in of the CourtJam gives you more pop and better performance, which is necessary to recover quickly and gain precious milliseconds.

Thiem’s game relies on speed and powerful shots. So he needs to be in a perfect position to hit flawless strokes and recover from difficult positions.

Another winning aspect of the CoutJam Bounce is the reliable and performant outsole. It is a softer rubber with a combination of different tread patterns that provides controlled traction on all courts and awesome grip and durability.

Are Thiem Shoes Available?

Unfortunately, Adidas doesn’t sell the custom-made shoe of Dominic Thiem. These shoe companies do it often like Nike with Nadal and old Federer shoes or Adidas with Tsitsipas shoes.

Therefore, you won’t be able to get the combo of Thiem.

However, you can either buy the SoleCourt Boost or the CourtJam Bounce, which are two fantastic shoes widely used by the pros.

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Adidas CourtJam Bounce shoesCheck Price

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