Cori (Coco) Gauff’s Gear – What Does She Use?

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Cori Gauff is a sensation in female American tennis. She caught the attention of spectators when she started to compete in big tournaments at 15 years old only, which is impressive.

On the court, she is becoming a beast and her achievements are accumulating growing the older she gets. Now she is being compared to young Serena and Venus Williams.

Coco is currently sponsored by big sports brands that placed their stakes on her and trusted her talent.

On the courts and to produce a skillful and aggressive level of tennis, Cori Gauff uses the following gear.

  • Racquet: Head Boom MP racquet
  • Strings: Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power 125
  • Shoes: New Balance 996 v4.5
  • Bag: Head Tour Team 12R Monstercombi

Coco Gauff’s Racquet

Coco Gauff currently plays with the Head Boom MP racquet. It is stylish and unique in its own way.

gauff head boom mp

This racquet line is a little different from most other Head racquets. It is more control-oriented and easy to use for amateur and also advanced players.

The Head Boom MP is lightweight with only 11.0oz / 312g strung.

The Swingweight of Gauff’s racquet is also very low compared to most racquets pro players use. It sits at 317 and means that the swing doesn’t require much effort to make.

However, the power generated is low and the racquet is more oriented to produce topspin and has control of your groundstrokes.

What makes Gauff’s Head Boom racquet special is the ability to accelerate seamlessly through the shots. The Graphene 360+ frame ensures stability and flexibility giving more feel and sweet feedback.

People who used this racquet complain in the first moments about the lightweight and the lack of this hammer type of shots, but with time, they absolutely love how easy you generate decent power with control and precision.

Overall, the newer Head Boom MP racquet that Cori uses is fast, flexible, control-oriented, and provides lots of feel and fun that grows over time.

Gauff’s Racquet Specs

Head size100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.4oz / 295g
Strung weight11.0oz / 312g
String Tension48-57 lbs
Balance5 pts HL
Swing speedFast
Power LevelMedium
Strings Pattern16×19

What Strings Does Coco Gauff Use?

Coco Gauff likes to string her racquet with the Luxilon Alu Power 125 silver strings. She uses tension in the mid 50’s lbs.

Luxilon Alu Power

It is a popular choice for many men and women pros on the Tour. For the ladies, Petra Kvitova or Grand Slam winner Emma Raducanu use this co-poly.

This is a monofilament offering a good bite on the ball and offers lots of power and good spin potential.

Another great advantage of these poly strings that set it apart from the rest is the incredible feel making you in control of your shots and precise on the run.

Overall, this is a classic trusted by many pros, and everyone looking for speed, precision, and good feel must try one of these Alu Power strings.

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