What Is the Clothing Brand of Matteo Berrettini? Good Deal

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Matteo is one of the tennis big guns in recent years. He is a Top 10 player and leads the next generation of Italian tennis talents like Sinner or Sonego.

On the courts, he loves to blast huge serves and forehands on his opponents. This is why he is nicknamed “the hammer”.

Berrettini doesn’t only win on the courts, but he is successful off-court as well thanks to his attractive physique. He is considered of the most handsome male players on the Tour and is surely liked by lots of ladies.

When Matteo reached Wimbledon 2021 final as the first-ever Italian, People hailed him as the most beautiful man to ever walk on a tennis court.

His Italian look and elegance in Italian luxury suits have been brought to the courts.

As of the beginning of 2022, Matteo Berrettini signed a multi-year partnership with BOSS for his tennis clothes and accessories, and also his off-court clothes. A new capsule collection called “Boss X Matteo Berrettini” has been launched by the German Brand.

This is the first time ever Hugo Boss signs a contract with a tennis man.

Boss X Matteo Berrettini

Why Did Hugo Boss Sponsor Berrettini?

The notorious German Brand Boss is famous for crafting high-end suits and luxury accessories in the fashion industry. They have made previous contracts with many sports players.

However, this is the first time they try to conquer tennis, and they went in the direction of Berrettini.

If you think about it for a second it makes total sense.

Matteo is the perfect figure for Hugo Boss because he is not only a great player ranked No. 7 in the ATP, but also a tall, handsome and fashionable guy. This is a win for Boss.

“Matteo is a great personality on and off court and we are more than happy to work with himin the upcoming years. Matteo incorporates what a boss stands for today: showing a strong will, making the right decisions and inspiring people all around the world”.

Hugo Boss CEO, Daniel Grieder

Are Boss X Matteo Berrettini Clothes Any Special?

Tennis clothes need to be soft and breathable. The players should be able to run and move freely with no issues. Then comes the design, which has to be sportive and a little colorful.

Each player has a different taste when it comes to the design of the shirt, shorts, and accessories used on the court.

According to Boss, The new Boss X Matteo Berrettini collection will bring:


  • A Modern Polo and innovative shorts, with crisp colors and BOSS signature touches.
  • A Cap, A wristband and more sustainable socks for dynamic look
  • Championing Sleek Style with Streamlined silhouettes


  • A contemporary T-shirt paired with a hoodie and casual pants.
  • Extra-stretchy items with an easy-going look.

A percentage of all sales will be versed to Berrettini’s soon to be launched charity, supporting underprivileged children in Italy.

Source: hugoboss.com

What Was Berrettini’s Previous Clothing Brand?

Before his switch to Boss, Matteo was sponsored by Italian sportswear brand Lotto for his clothing.

On the Lotto website, you can still find The Signature Limited Edition that is dedicated to Matteo Berrettini, for being the first Italian player to reach the Wimbledon final. Only 200 pairs are available on the Lotto website.

After the new change, Matteo also let down his Lotto 100 Mirage SPD shoes, replacing them with the Asics Gel Resolution 8 shoes.

This is definitely a new era in the Italian’s career and we are excited to see what the new clothes and shoes will bring to his game and to his achievements.

Final Words

Berrettini is one exciting player to watch on and off the court. He is humble and dedicated to his game and backed by millions of Italians and other fans around the World.

The new Boss deal is a new chapter in his so-far superb tennis career. We’ll soon find out if he can use this sponsorship to break through the Top 3 and compete with the likes of Medvedev and Zverev.

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