What Clothing Brand Does Andy Murray Wear? (Answered)

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Andy Murray needs no introduction. He is a former world no.1 and one of the best tennis players in the last two decades.

He has been sponsored since 2014 by the American sportswear brand Under Armour. But recently, he announced his return to the competition on the ATP circuit after his previous decision of retiring from tennis.

What caught the eyes of people is the new brand on his cap, chest, and legs. It is not Under Armour but another unusual logo. What is it? What clothing brand does Andy Murray wear?

In 2019, Andy Murray launched a co-branding with the British sports clothing company “Castore”, which they agreed to name AMC standing for Andy Murray x Castore.

What is Castore?

Castore is a British sportswear manufacturer headquartered in Manchester, England, and founded in 2015 by Liverpool-born brothers and former cricket professionals Thomas and Phil Beahon.

As of August 2021, the company has 33 shareholders with 18.59% of the shares for each one of the two brothers, and 15% for Monte Group LTD.

According to Forbes, Castore has raised £5.5 million to 2019 and is sold in more than 50 countries. Castore is forecasting to turn over £14 million by the end of 2021.

Andy Murray is also a shareholder in the company and a board advisor for the business.

What is AMC?

AMC is a co-branding launched in March 2019 between British tennis star Andy Murray and the clothing company Castore. According to the Financial Times, the deal is worth £8 million with £1 million each year for Murray.

The new tennis line crafts sportswear 100% made from regenerated nylon and recycled yarn, which Murray has said he will wear exclusively for all on-court activities.

Since his return to the Tour in November 2019, Andy Murray has been wearing the new t-shirts, shorts, caps, and accessories made by AMC.

This partnership is a part of the premium athletic clothing company expansion into newer areas of expertise like tennis which require bigger innovation and collaboration along the way.

Having Andy Murray as a brand image is a big boost to the young company with all the notoriety and respect he has all over the World.

By wearing AMC, Murray has caught the attention of thousands if not millions of people to get to know the British brand.

According to Andy, Castore is young and exciting. They are growing day after day by offering environment-friendly clothing combining comfort and performance. He also stated that AMC will be his last and best choice for the rest of his career.

Why Did Andy Murray Switch from Under Armour to AMC?

There is no certainty on the reason behind Murray’s decision of switching to a new brand, but we can explain it by these two statements.

  • Andy Murray is not only a sponsored by AMC; he is also a shareholder in the company.
  • Andy help the designers of AMC in the making process of the clothes. He previously said: “I work with the AMC designers on every piece, with technical performance at the heart of the process”. He added: “It’s important that the kit performs under the toughest conditions […] I really enjoy testing it, giving it my feedback and being part of the design process”
  • Another reason behind the switch could be disagreements with the previous sponsor Under Armour, taking into considerations the fatal hip injury of the British player and his long absence from the matches as well as a big drop in the rankings. But take this one with a pinch of salt.

Did Murray Change His Shoes Brand?


Andy Murray still wears Under Armour shoes. He is playing with custom-made Under Armour shoes exclusive to him only and not sold to the public.

This always was surprising given the fact that the vast majority of players including the Big 3 play with tennis shoe models available for the public.

It is a weird decision by Under Armour to not benefit from the notoriety of Andy and his massive success in his career as perhaps the best British tennis player ever, opening the doors for big profits in the UK and all over the world.

Fun facts

  • Under Armour always puts the AM logo on Andy’s shoes.
  • Andy Murray sometimes ties his wedding ring to his shoelaces.
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