Bianca Andreescu Racquet – What Does She Use?

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We all remember Bianca Andreescu by the fantastic US Open 2019 run when she beat Serena Williams in the final to win her only Grand Slam title.

Bianca also has 2 big wins in Toronto and Indian Wells in the same season. But then a year-long knee injury prevented her from improving further and her comeback wasn’t bright.

Today she still competes inside the Top 50, but she can barely break through the final stages.

We wish her to recover her best level, as she is aggressive and powerful on the court.

People ask what racquet she uses to play tennis.

Bianca Andreescu plays with a Head Speed MP pro stock racquet.

Bianca Andreescu

Andreescu Racquet Specs

She uses an old version of the Head Speed MP racquet having shared grommets and Graphene technology.

The Head Speed line is set to provide controllable power with a good feel.

The version used by Bianca is a 100 sq in frame with a 16 by 19 string pattern. The power and spin potential are superb.

But you get good control and a nice depth as well.

Graphene technology with SpiralFibers helps the player get accurate feedback and a nice touch on the net.

Some players complain about the Speed MP for being flimsy and not stable. However, Bianca’s racquet is a pro stock model that has tweaks to ensure good stability and maneuverability on the shots.

It is difficult to tell the exact model, but it must suit Andreescu’s aggressive style.

Andreescu Racquet Strings

Bianca strings her racquet with the RPM Blast 1.25 strings at 48lbs / 22kg.

This is a classic string used by players like Nadal, Rune, or Anisimova. The co-poly offers easy spin and massive power.

The 1.25 gauge helps create more snap effect for the ball to develop heavy and controlled strokes.

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