Our 4 Best Yonex Tennis Bags to Buy

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Yonex is famous for designing high-quality tennis bags. Investing in one is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you play with a Yonex racquet.

This is a brand trusted by many pros like Wawrinka, Shapovalov, Kyrgios, Naomi Osaka, and more.

Choosing a tennis bag depends on everyone’s needs and preferences. For example, pros tend to carry 9-pack or 12-pack bags, occasional players only need a 3-pack bag or a backpack and women sometimes carry shoulder tote bags to the court.

In this guide, we will try to break down the pros and cons of each Yonex tennis bag and come up with the best 4 Yonex tennis bags you can buy.

Yonex Pro 9-pack Bag

Yonex Pro 9-pack Bag

This is a durable and spacious option for any competitor or amateur player.

The main feature of the bag is the duffle-like style central pocket that offers more space than most 9-pack bags.

The bag has a great design with a maintained shape thanks to metallic embossment on the shell. It adds to the sturdiness and resistance of the lot.

It can hold up to 9 racquets and you can use the central duffel pocket for more racquets if you want to.

One of the racquet compartments comes with thermal protection lining to preserve the racquets from high temperatures.

thermal protection lining

A shoe compartment is located on the back of the bag in a tunnel style.

The Yonex Pro is convenient when it comes to carrying the bag. The straps are plush and well padded. Plus, they are removable and adjustable if you want to wear them upside down. You can also take it by the grab handles if you want to.

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Yonex Pro 9-pack Bag Specs

Dimensions31″ x 15″ x 15″ – 78cm x 38cm x 33cm
Capacity9 racquets
Main compartments3
Accessory pockets1
Shoe Compartment1
Thermal protectionYes
MaterialsPolyester, Fabric, E.V.A & metallic embossment


  • Climate protective lining to protect the racquets from heat
  • Enhanced shape retention shell with a metallic embossment
  • Double strapped and resistant straps for heavy-duty carriage
  • Sober and great design


  • No separated inside pockets for people who want tidiness
  • Thermal lining on one pocket only

For more space for additional racquets, you can choose the Yonex Pro 12-pack bag.

Yonex Team 6-pack Bag

Yonex Team 6-pack Bag

This is a great option for amateur players who want to carry their essential gear to the court, but without breaking the bank.

It is made from resistant materials and features great colors and a convenient shape.

Two large compartments can hold up to 6 racquets and your play gear like clothes, balls, grips, bands, and so on.

Despite being a 6-pack, it still has a shoe tunnel accessible from a zippered pocket on the top. However, it does share the space with one of the racquet compartments.

The major holdback is probably the absence of thermal lining, which is fine for amateur and intermediate players, who do not compete at a very high level.

It is a solid choice for people looking for a good value Yonex bag.

Yonex Team 6-pack Bag Specs

Dimensions30″ x 14″ x 8″ – 75cm x 33cm x 20cm
Capacity6 racquets
Main compartments2
Accessory pockets1
Shoe Compartment1
Thermal protectionNo
MaterialsResistant Polyester and fabric


  • Separated shoe pocket in a tunnel-style, which is unusual for 6-pack bags
  • Padded strap and a grab handle for more convenience
  • Great design and materials
  • Great value for the price


  • One compartment shares the space with the shoe tunnel pocket
  • No thermal lining protection for the gear
  • Only one shoulder strap. It cannot be carried in a backpack style.

If you’re looking for premium materials and more convenience, the Yonex Pro 6-pack bag is going to be your pick. For around $25 more, you can get one with two padded and removable shoulder straps.

Yonex Pro Backpack

Yonex Pro Backpack

The Yonex Pro backpack is one of the best options available in the market if you’re looking for a light way to carry your gear after work or school.

It has one padded racquet compartment that fits 2 racquets easily and another main compartment in the front for other items like a towel, grips, strings, wristbands, snacks, and more accessories.

The backpack is very spacious and comes with 2 side pockets perfect for bottles and ball cans.

There is also a padded bottom compartment for shoes or dirty clothes.

You can get the Yonex Pro M backpack in blue or black. Most people prefer the black one for a sober and slicker look.

One of the best features is the quality build and the sturdiness. The backpack feels solid and it stands upright on the ground when no bench is available.

Yonex Pro Backpack Specs

Dimensions22″ x 15″ x 9″ – 56cm x 38cm x 23cm
Capacity2 racquets
Main compartments2
Accessory pockets1
Side pockets2
Shoe Compartment1
Thermal protectionNo
MaterialsPremium polyester and fabric


  • Sturdy, resistant, and high-quality materials
  • Roomy backpack that seamlessly fits all your light gear
  • Green lining on the inside helps find any item quickly
  • Padded pockets for maximum protection of your accessories
  • Padded and plush on the backside and the straps for extra comfort


  • Thermal protection would’ve been the icing on the cake.

This is the ideal backpack for a regular player or a tennis coach looking for a light carriage, durability, and premium feel.

Yonex Active Backpack X

Yonex Active Backpack X

The Active Backpack X from YONEX is another light way to carry two racquets and your small tennis gear.

The main differences compared to the Pro backpack are:

  • Retained square shape thanks to metallic embossment
  • Increased stability thanks to an added chest belt.
  • Keeping racquet handles covered, which is rare for this size

It also comes with a separated shoe compartment to keep everything tidy.

Two side pockets can hold your liquid bottles and cans of balls.

The Active X is not only great for carrying your tennis gear, but this is a great crossover backpack that is convenient for school or anywhere else.

Yonex Active Backpack X Specs

Dimensions18.5″ x 11.5″ x 7.5″ – 47cm x 29cm x 19cm
Capacity2 racquets
Main compartments2
Accessory pockets2
Side pockets2
Shoe Compartment1
Thermal protectionNo
MaterialsHigh-quality polyester and PU & metallic embossment


  • Versatile and has lots of pockets and sleeves for organization
  • Great square shape with rounded edges and metallic embossment
  • Added stability with the chest belt and comfortable thanks to padded straps
  • The racquet handles are covered
  • Premium materials and feel
  • Multiple usages and accommodates laptops, tablets, and more everyday items


  • A little less roomy than the Yonex Pro backpack
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