Beatriz Haddad Maia Tennis Shoes – What Does She Wear?

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Beatriz Haddad Maia is a great Brazilian tennis player that has had a successful career so far. At 6’1”, she is among the tallest female tennis players, which helps a lot in the modern game.

On the court, she is very aggressive and possesses a powerful serve that helped her immensely to win 2 grass court titles. She already made the Top 20 in the WTA rankings. So how much can she further progress?

People ask what shoes she wears on the court.

Beatriz Haddad Maia tennis shoes are the JOMA SET 22 shoes.

joma set 22 shoes

Haddad Maia Shoe Specs

More and more pros are starting to sign contracts with the JOMA to wear their tennis shoes.

You have players like Carreno Busta, Albert Ramos, or Thiago Monteiro trusting the Spanish brand, that puts lots of effort and technology into the making of their footwear.

The JOMA SET 22 tennis shoes are superb for advanced players and competitors. They are lightweight, comfortable, and supportive.

joma set 22 shoes outsole

Here are the main features of the SET 22 shoes.

  • The interior features FULL DUAL PULSOR technology, which is a double phylon system using two different densities. The higher-density padding is meant for stability and support while the lower-density cushioning brings comfort and lightness.
  • A TPU piece is located in the shank of the foot to prevent unwanted foot rotation and to offer a high stability level.
  • The outsole comes with high endurance DIN-40 rubber that resists abrasion and prolongs the lifetime of the shoe.

Can You Buy Haddad Maia Shoes?

You can buy them at Joma’s official store. However, they don’t ship to the US or Canada. They mainly ship to European countries plus Australia and the UK.


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