Beatriz Haddad Maia Racquet – What Does She Use?

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Beatriz Haddad Maia is a talented Brazilian tennis player that has big potential. At 6’1”, she is among the tallest female tennis players, which comes with too many advantages.

On the court, she is aggressive and possesses a powerful serve that helped her immensely to win 2 grass court titles.

How much can she further progress? People ask what setup she uses to play.

Beatriz Haddad Maia plays with the Wilson Steam 100 racquet painted to look like a Wilson Blade v8.

Haddad Maia Racquet Specs

The Wilson Steam 100 is a classic frame that is widely used among WTA players. You get Paula Badosa, Jelena Ostapenko, Emma Raducanu, and many more playing with this racquet.

One way to distinguish a Steam 100 racquet is by white grommets at the bottom of the racquet head. Of course, she plays under the newest Blade paint job.

The reasons female players like this racquet are the raw power they get plus the control it offers.

With a 100 sq in head and a 16×20 string pattern, the racquet offers lots of high power and a good amount of spin.

Feel and accuracy are also top-notch for excellent volleys and stroke winners.

The Wilson Steam 100 provides a firm response but also depends on the strings. Still, a large chunk of WTA players looking for easy power and control love this racquet.

Here are the racquet specs:

Head Size100 in²
Length27.25 in / 69.2 cm
Unstrung weight10.5 oz / 300 gr
Balance12.5in / 31.7 cm
String pattern16×20

Haddad Maia Racquet Strings

Beatriz strings her racquet with the Luxilon Alu Power 1.25.

alu power 125

It is a co-poly monofilament offering a crisp feel and a good amount of control and spin. This is perfect to counterbalance any lack of control due to the high-powered frame.

The Alu Power 1.25 strings are also durable and used by so many pros like Raducanu, Halep, Badosa, Khachanov, Jabeur, and a lot more.

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