Aslan Karatsev Tennis Gear

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Aslan Karatsev has been of the hottest players since 2021. He made an incredible run to the semi-finals at the Australian Open 2021 and has won 3 ATP titles since then.

His rise becomes more astonishing when you learn that he made it after the age of 27!

When I watched him for the first time at the Australian Open 2021, I was astounded by his speed, his footwork, and the pace of his shots.

Let’s find out what is the playing gear of Aslan Karatsev.

Aslan Karatsev Racquet

By looking at the frame and the paint job, Karatsev plays with Head Prestige Pro 2021 racquet. This is the new name of the Graphene 360+ Prestige MP.

karatsev racquet

However, things can get more technical and by doing thorough research, some believe that Aslan’s racquet has the same mold as the old Head PT57A2 by looking at the beam or the throat opening.

karatsev beam

These are the racquet specs:

Head size98 in² / 636.26 cm²
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight11.3oz / 320g
Strung weight11.9oz / 337g
String Tension48-57 lbs
Balance6 pts HL
Swing speedFast
Power LevelLow
Strings Pattern18×20

Aslan Karatsev Racquet Strings

Aslan Karatsev strings his racquet with the Head Hawk 17/1.25mm white.

It is a co-polyester monofilament that is firm and control-oriented. It provides remarkable precision and a decent amount of spin, which is perfect for an all-around aggressive player like Karatsev.

The Head Hawk strings are adequate for advanced players who can easily bite the ball and put it exactly where they want with supreme precision.

As for amateurs, they may find it comfortable and arm-friendly, but difficult to maneuver, like a pro would do.

Finally, if you’re keen on durability, you will find yourself stringing your racquet more frequently because this string is definitely expensive for its lifespan.

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