Anett Kontaveit Tennis Shoes – What Does She Wear?

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Anett Kontaveit is an Estonian pro tennis player who has a career-high ranking of no.2 in the WTA.

She is consistent throughout the year but often needs to finish the job at the end of the week to win more titles, as she currently only has one.

On the court, she has powerful strokes and lots of variations, and she is a great mover with accurate footwork combined with nice timing.

Anett Kontaveit plays with the Lacoste AG-LT 21 Ultra tennis shoes.

Lacoste AG-LT 21 Ultra

Kontaveit Shoe Specs

Anett switches her shoes often going from the Adidas Barricade to the Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro.

She recently settled at the Lacoste AG-LT 21 Ultra shoes, which is a premium choice for her on-court footwear, also used by Top ATP player Daniil Medvedev.

The Lacoste tennis shoes are famous for having superb traction and controlled sliding due to the partnership with Goodyear in the making of their rubber outsole. And they perform supremely well on hard courts.

They are also stable (12oz) and breathable with a helix-woven caged mesh upper, that offers good overall comfort and support.

Lacoste AG-LT 21 Ultra features

A lightweight foam Dow EVA midsole provides decent support and energy return for more agility and speed.

One main feature is the collaboration with PEBAX® technology for the midfoot chassis. This favors stability, forward propulsion, and optimal responsiveness.

Lacoste AG-LT 21 Ultra stability

Pros & Cons Of the Lacoste AG-LT 21 Ultra Shoes

Lacoste AG-LT 21 Ultra


  • Durable and breathable caged mesh in the upper
  • Brilliant stability
  • Well-padded high collar around the ankle
  • Padded and comfortable tongue
  • Good support under the heels and forefoot
  • Height boost due to the ground clearance


  • Tight toe box
  • Might run narrow
  • Needs more cushioning to it


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