Alex de Minaur Tennis Equipment – in 2023

Alex is considered a promising tennis young star and loved by his fellow Australians for representing their country and showcasing immense talent on the courts. Many players around the world want to know what equipment and setup he is using.

Alex de Minaur’s Story

Alex De Minaur is a young Australian player born in Sydney from an Uruguayan father named Iriban and a Spaniard mother named Esther.

He has dual nationality, Spanish and Australian. He spent most of his childhood in Spain and return to Australia at the age of 13, to play and represent his birth country in the competitions.

Alex started at the age of 3 and turned pro at the age of 16 in 2015. He then went to win 5 ATP 250 titles. He also won the Doubles Masters 1000 of Cincinnati 2020 with Spanish partner Pablo Carreño Busta.

Alex de Minaur highest ranking is World No. 15 in June 2021 and has amassed more than 5.5 million dollars in prize money throughout his career.

De Minaur’s recent form indicates great improvement and it could probably mean that he is going to be a serious contender for big titles in the next 2 or 3 years.

On the courts, he is famous for being extremely fast and agile covering the courts like nobody else. His game style is a counterpuncher who returns the groundstrokes and waits for an opportunity to attack with powerful hits.

However, Alex has a mental weakness in the crucial moments of the games. This often led him to lose close matches and never compete with the Top 10 of the players. He only has an 18.5% win against the Top 10 at the time this article is written.

Alex de Minaur Tennis Racquet

What racquet does Alex de Minaur use? Alex plays with the Wilson Blade 98 v8 racquet with a 16×19 frame.

Wilson Blade 98 v8 racquet with a 16x19 frame

This racquet is popular on the Tour and many pros use it, for example, Stefanos Tsitsipas.

It is a great racquet for players who want precision and control in their game. Alex de Minaur’s game style is based on powerful and precise groundstrokes with lots of speed and great court coverage.

  • The new Blade 98 has a low stiffness score of 61, which adds tremendous feel and ball feedback especially with a 16×19 frame.
  • The Swingweight also went down to 317 adding better maneuverability and easier swinging to intermediate and professional players.
  • The racquet features a technology called FORTYFIVE° to increase flexibility and stability without compromising power.
  • Innovative materials like braided graphite and basalt composition improve the flex of the racquet to produce good feel and control.
  • The colors have been changed from flashy to darker shades of green and grey.
  • Serving and volleying with this racquet is fantastic.

To sum it up, the Wilson Blade 98 v8 is a good spin-friendly racquet destined for players who want precision, control, and a great feel on the impact.

Alex de Minaur racquet specs

Head size98in / 632.26cm
Length27in / 68.58cm
Unstrung weight10.8oz / 305g
Strung weight11.3oz / 320g
String Tension50 – 60lbs
Balance4 Pts Head Light
Swing speedFast
Power LevelLow-Medium

Alex de Minaur Tennis Shoes

What shoes does Alex de Minaur use? Alex de Minaur plays with the Asics Solution Speed FF2 tennis shoes.

Asics Solution Speed FF2

They are the perfect shoes for fast players who clock high speeds and want outstanding court coverage with quick changes of directions. We all know how great is Alex in this exercise.

  • The new Solution Speed FF2 is incredibly lightweight and provides adequate traction while allowing easy sliding on hardcourts.
  • They are breathable with a solid TPU mesh and very comfortable thanks to a combination of Dynawrap technology for comfort and great fit, and the Asics GEL midsole for support and shock absorption.
  • The shank in the middle is equipped with Twistruss system that prevents torsional movements of the foot.

Overall, this shoe is comfortable, lightweight, and fast, which is perfect for Alex de Minaur.

Alex de Minaur Tennis Bag

What tennis bag does Alex de Minaur carry on the Tour? De Minaur’s tennis bag of choice is the Wilson Super Tour 15 pack Red bag.

Wilson Super Tour 15 pack Red bag

This bag is made for the standard professional playing with a Wilson racquet. It comes with Thermoguard lining technology to protect the items against extreme Tour conditions.

The main features of this bag are:

  • 3 racquet compartments that can hold up to 15 racquets.
  • Two large exterior side pockets for personal items.
  • A ventilated interior zippered pocket for an extra pair of shoes.
  • Padded and adjustable straps

Overall, this bag is popular on the circuit and is a good choice for any Wilson racquet player.

Alex de Minaur Racquet Strings

Alex de Minaur racquet strings are the Luxilon 4G Rough 125/16 Gold strings.

Luxilon 4G Rough 125/16 Gold strings

The co-poly monofilament strings have a good response and cushioning to provide comfort and feel. This rough version offers an extra grip on the ball for added spin. Big hitters use this string for control, power, and precision.

For recreational players, the Luxilon 4G is durable and will go less often to the stringing machine.

Can You Buy Alex de Minaur’s Gear?

Yes, you can buy Alex de Minaur tennis equipment in any physical or online store. He has good choices when it comes to his gear. I personally play with his shoes, the Solution Speed FF2, for the comfort and agility they give me.

ItemPrice (USD)Link
Wilson Blade 98 v8 16×19 racquet$229SEE PRICE HERE
Asics Solution Speed FF2 tennis shoes$130SEE PRICE HERE
Wilson Super Tour 15 pack Red bag$139SEE PRICE HERE
Luxilon 4G Rough 125/16 Gold strings$20SEE PRICE HERE

These are the lowest prices you can find. Please note that the website earns a small commission from purchases through the links 🙂

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